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When I was a child the sweetest fruit I came across is todo. It is a seasonal fruit that grows during summer. It is seen after raining season farewell. I could not find it in any other place than my village or state and I did not know in any other language than my mother tongue. Thus, my heart is so attached to it. However, in English language todo is an action verb that considers as passion driver, a sense of destiny or a calling. Only, later when I took Spanish lessons that I found out that todo means all in Spanish. So, it is not further from our mission. The reason we have chosen this name for our company is because we are a mission-driven company. We love what we do and we do what we love. The heart is the most vital organ of the human body, without it, no other organ can survive. The combination of the two words explains that at todoheart we do build products or services that come from our heart or soul spoke products or services. Therefore, whatever we do must resonate with our core values. We are not naïve to believe that we have shortcomings. If, things do not always go in the way we intended is because of our nature of human weakness. Therefore, we warmly welcome positive criticism as an engine of our innovation and growth. Todoheart dives in the digital world. It began as an online personal growth and psychological health company before expanding as a multifaceted platform. It is a company that distinguishes itself as non-conformist and believes wholeheartedly that traditional education; health care system and wealth creation are not benefiting society as they ought to. Therefore, we believe that alternative is the answer and time has given us a choice that we can better the system.

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TodoheartAcademy is a digital learning platform that teaches the most needed subjects of today and the future growth mindset of society. It emphasizes largely on entrepreneurs, leaders and thirsty students of knowledge. It is an inspiration to a whole new level of personal development. The primary reason todoheart academy exists is because of my late elder brother. When he passed away suddenly; I wanted to dedicate the rest of my days to up bring my siblings ‘kids born and unborn alike. Because I felt no sibling had the privilege and support of his siblings as I did. Therefore, the least thing I can do is to raise their kids to be an ideal uncle and that is either pursuing a career in the army or become a merchant. As I was preparing for the journey; I reflected back upon his lifetime, two things came to mind; one is his devotion to God and another is his passion for education. So, I went to University not to get the meaningless a fancy piece of paper called the degree, but it is a way of keeping him alive. To keep him alive is to do the things he loved. Then at University, I was faced with reality whether it is a place of knowledge and wisdom to exercise freedom of mind or it is a place designed to produce factory workers who are good enough to do paperwork and run machines and take orders. While this system works perfectly for many people and had total relevance during the industrial revolution; some of us believe that it is too limited to call education. Mark Twain was right when he said: “I have never let schooling interfere with my education”. Thus, true education is self-education and mastery through experiential learning imbued by passion or purpose to realize one’s fullest potential. In this day and age, we can unleash and reach our fullest potential via the right means of our era. And reach those who have passion for education to improve their lives and lives of others. It is also a tribute and an act of gratitude to recognize those who helped us to be where we are at. I'm, not the only one who lost siblings and my nephews aren’t the only orphans. So, to all those who lost loved ones worldwide that their impact on us must be carried as they were alive.

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When I was about 17 years old, my beloved grandmother had been admitted to hospital and in the late evening as the family members leaving the hospital; they asked my cousin and I to be the patient guard. After midnight, she fell asleep. So, I went out and sat on a chair under a tree and my cousin brought me her noble. As I started reading the noble; a doctor came out of his office and sat beside me. After exchanging a few words, he said:” if, you ever study higher education; study biochemistry”. I took his advice at heart and my interest in the field grew further. However, I still do not know exactly why my interest in chemistry eventually drowned somewhere, perhaps not my true calling. One day afternoon, I was in my room on campus and I felt a little bored. So, I went to the library to watch world news when I arrived there, there were a lot of people in the newsroom, so I turned around and picked a journal to read. In the journal, it says «mental illnesses are three times more painful than physical illnesses and they are daily occurrences.” It was magical moment to feed curiosity to the fullest. How on earth the healthcare system failed to address that the major health is a psychological one and why on earth the world health organization failed to prioritize it. From then on, I closely looked to the daily occurrences, and then I understood that the people do not fall sick daily physiologically. On the other hand, people fall sick daily psychologically whether at home, school, and work etc. Ever since I devoted much of my time to study Psychology and it became obvious to me that psychology is a much bigger field than currently taught. It all begins with its root which is know-thyself. Once, one understands that there is no complete health without alignment of Physiological, Psychological and Spiritual health. She or he will never be the same state of health again.

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A leader is not a manager

Years ago, I was thriving in personal growth and I had a boss to look up. I really admired him for his knowledge and his code of conduct. I always rushed to him for advice whenever I had a personal growth question. One day the position of the personal facilitator was open. That means the personal facilitator will be a direct assistant to my boss and I could not believe my luck. One of the things makes me happier is working under the leader that I saw him as a role model. There were many applicants, but I share many of his core values. So, I knew a lot of his expectations and well prepared to face during an interview. I did fairly well the interview. I felt like long healthy conversation. To my disbelief not only I didn’t get that position but rotated me to a new team. A lot of things lingered in my mind. I did not know any of my new teammates and certainly what kind of new boss I will be having. It turned out that my new boss was a kind and sweet lady from the first impression and I started liking my new peers. Just in a matter of weeks, I had been learning at scale and my new team is funny and helpful as the one I left. Months later, I came across my former boss during lunch time. He seemed eager to talk to me and I was thrilled to have time with him. He said “you have so many creative ideas. That is why, I sent you to the creative team where you can thrive and prevail”. Something that I realized from personal experiences and the books I read is that a leader is someone who can see in us what many of us do not see in ourselves. That is because leaders by default are people-oriented. On the other hand, managers have no time for people and they are almost free from empathy. Thus, a manager is not concerned about people instead, he focuses on position and dictates his rules to get things done by hook or crooked. The main difference is that a leader reads people and put the right people on the bus and put wrong people off the bus. The book good to great gives us insights on this. The manager is effective in short term but a fatal failure in the long run. Aside from employees’ issues; he will face ethical dilemmas. A word of warning, in order to get the right boss or leader; one must be the right employee or follower!

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5 Core Ingredients to Art of Fulfillment

In most instances, you come across people who don’t know that they don’t know. If, anything we have learned from past sages is that unexamined life is not worth living. Therefore the first fundamental core is Self-knowledge. 1-Self-knowledge There is no defined path to self-knowledge. It is a combination of people you met, the books you read and the places you had been. Most important of all is a growth mindset. Because none of the above mentioned makes sense to a fixed mindset person. There is an old saying that chance favors the prepared mind. Likewise, self-knowledge also is acquired by the seeker of it. 2-Self-investment Self-Investment is a lot to do with personal decisions in growing oneself to a degree that attains mastery of becoming resourceful. Going to school or university like everyone else does not confer you the leverage of any kind. What you have done outside of them that makes you stand out. Such as reading books that aren’t taught at school. Experimenting with different skills helps one to even find a new passion. 3-Self-reliance One of the common challenges most of us face is the ability to take care of ourselves. While job security is necessary, because of the bills we have to pay. The path to freedom is partly financial security. And to gain financial security; it depends on the value you can offer. 4-Contribution The reason, we believe in the contribution is that no one has made on her or his own. Everyone at some point received help from someone or some people. Hence, helping others to make through is helping oneself. Thus, giving back is one of the surest ways to sustainable success. 5-Fulfillment Striving to live life to the fullest is not an easy task and certainly only a few achieved it. A fulfilled life is when everything falls in its place as it was planned. You look around and you have the least regrets about life. 6-Legacy This one is a bonus. It is not among the aforementioned. Deeds are not only for here but also hereafter. In order for people to continually benefit after one has long gone. It is generous to set a system that perpetuates, if possible. As a whole, self-knowledge is a guiding principle to a happy life. In order to succeed like the lucky few, self-investment is the fuel. Once, you learn about yourself and you decide to invest heavily; sooner or later you will become resourceful and then, you can be self-reliant. From there, you start thinking about how to support others and enjoy life as things get easier.

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3 Reasons the law of 33% Works

In life, regardless how badly you are struggling. There are people out there who are having tougher time than you are. To these people you should help them in any way you can. It is truly rewarding that you are in a position to help someone. This constitutes the 33% below your level. However, there are people who are at the same level as you are. These people they can be your peers. They can help you and you can help them. Either learning through exchanging ideas or getting to business deals. You are complementary to one another. It also consists of 33% of your life. Moreover, there are some group of people who do not need your help, but you desperately need theirs. These people are way knowledgeable or wiser or even way ahead in their business than you are. If, you want to grow to some level. You need their know-how to scale at your personal and business growth. Life is meaningful to those who grow themselves. So, the other 33% are above your level. Bonus, 1% remaining is about not forgetting to express gratitude. Failure to express gratitude will ruin all of the above.

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